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International Protégé Music Festival 2009

The American Protégé Music Festival 2009 was open to all instrumentalists (strings, piano, winds and chamber ensembles) and vocalists from age 4 to 21 of all nationalities and countries.

Festival Guests


 mf2009Kaifan%20Wang mf2009Yang%20Song americanprotege39541
Kaifan Wang Yang Song  Jeremy R. Borders


Music Festival 2009 Weill Recital Hall Performers:


 mf2009M Hasegawa mf2009William A. Hatch mf2009Alexandra Costanzo mf2009Joseph A. Hatch
Maya Hasegawa William A. Hatch Alexandra Costanzo Joseph A. Hatch
mf2009Hannah Beun mf2009Jeffrey Sun mf2009Grace E. McCaffery  mf2009Alexander Rozner
 Hannah Beun Jeffrey Sun  Grace E. McCaffery  Alexander Rozner
 mf2009Joseph T. Peebles mf2009Jessica Hu  mf2009Joseph Vaz mf2009Rachel M. Lent
Joseph T. Peebles Jessica Hu Joseph Vaz Rachel M. Lent
mf2009Annamaria F. Costanzo mf2009Alexandra Moran mf2009Sara Yufa  mf2009Bella Gurevich
Annamaria F. Costanzo Alexandra Moran
 Sara Yufa Bella Gurevich
 mf2009Shelly Goldman Corinne S. Peebles  Henry Smolen mf2009Isabel K. Anderson
Shelly Goldman  Corinne S. Peebles    Henry Smolen Isabel K. Anderson
 mf2009Leyna Holubar  mf2009Kanako Shimasaki  mf2009Yin Chenxing  
Leyna Holubar Kanako Shimasaki Yin Chenxing  



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